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Life before cellular therapy was “strenuous” – Shaun G.

Shaun G. went from a life of strenuous breathing to chasing his family around Universal Studios theme park — WITHOUT needing to catch his breath. Cellular therapy from the Lung Health Institute helped to reduce the inflammation in his lungs, so he can Breathe Easier™ and enjoy activities with his family. If this is something you long to get back to, read Shaun’s patient story here:

“Coughing and wheezing was my life before treatment.”

When asked to describe his life before cellular therapy at the Lung Health Institute, Shaun used one word: strenuous. It was strenuous to breathe, strenuous to do things. Walking up a flight of stairs was labor intensive and often required Shaun to have to stop to catch his breath before he reached the top landing.

Even sleep was not peaceful. Shaun’s lungs would wheeze and rattle, keeping him and his wife awake at night. He was recommended to go on oxygen treatments by his doctor, but Shaun didn’t want to be tied to an oxygen tank every day. Instead, he opted for the cellular therapy at the Lung Health Institute.

Marie H.

“I couldn’t do anything without oxygen, now I didn’t even bring it with me to this round of treatment. I can go shopping without it, vacuum and take care of my dogs. I used to be on eight different medications, now I am only on one.”

Becky D.

“The improvement on my pulmonary function is about 20 percent. I don’t have to take the scooter. I can go wherever I want to go. It was pretty amazing.”

Dennis C.

“I did a walking test after the treatment and I got over three minutes before I needed oxygen, according to my nurse that was with me. Before the treatment I took 10 to15 steps, stopped and threw up. I went from a few steps to three minutes and we were walking pretty quickly!”

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